Art is the basic essence of all creation. It is only through art that we can unify all the mankind on a common ground of interests. Art doesn’t value divisive forces or tendencies, instead it tends to find the common ground irrespective of any consideration of color, caste, creed or gender. This great unifying force has a complementary aspect called culture. Culture is how you conduct yourself in a society as a whole to make life a peaceful and well-disciplined venture.

The basic idea behind Know Art Media is to effectively work for an ecosystem where there is a vibrant cultural exchange through the media of various arts. Researchers have established that we have very deep and strong cultural roots that indicate our glorious heritage and equally reinforce the fact that our great country India was on a forefront showing world the way ahead. Our cultural influence transcended geographical boundaries and contributed tremendously in the global welfare and peaceful living of that time. In contemporary scenario, it seems we have lost that essential link or we have done nothing further in this regard. Consequently, despite being the torch bearers and the guardians of world art and culture, we today find ourselves as non- representative and ineffective in the matters of global art and culture. I am of the strong opinion that this is the right time to reclaim our place in the world arena as the global leader and significant contributor. Know Art Media is an attempt in this direction. If due to our efforts, we are able to mould and redirect even a handful of youth towards this direction, we shall deem ourselves as fortunate ones and it shall give is satisfaction of doing something good and meaningful.

“Be with us, reinforce our efforts and appreciate your cultural heritage” is my shout out to everyone especially the youth.