The people involved in LWP in Advance AIMLDS have a range of skills and expertise, including academic knowledge, industry experience, organizational skills, and interpersonal skills. They are working collaboratively to ensure that the LWP in Advance AIMLDS is well-designed, well-managed and meet the needs of all stakeholders.

Prof. (Dr.) Tanveer Ikram

Prof. (Dr.) Tanveer Ikram has Ph.D. Computer Science and Engineering with 15 years of IT Industry experience in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and Singapore and 10 years Academic experience in various institutions like BITS Pilani, GGSIP University etc. in India.

Excellent Guide, Motivator, Trainer, Goal achiever, Responsible for managing the logistics of LWP in Advance AIMLDS, including matching students with industry partners, monitoring students’ progress, and coordinating feedback and assessments. He has good organizational and interpersonal skills, and a good understanding of the academic and industry contexts of the LWP in Advance AIMLDS.

Dr. Mohammad Mumshad

Dr. Mohammad Mumshad is having 12 years Industry experience and 13 years of Teaching experience in various Universities. Doctor of Philosophy in Management and having excellent academic background is responsible for developing the curriculum and learning objectives for the   LWP in Advance AIMLDS program, and excellent support for assessing students’ academic progress. He has entrepreneurial skills, interpersonal skills and is a good motivator.  

Zubair Ahmed

Zubair Ahmed has 30 years of Industry experience in different areas of Business. Having excellent public relation skills to partner with companies in India and abroad for providing work placements or internships for students of LWP in Advance AIMLDS. He has a passion for supporting programs for the welfare of young and children in society especially those from weaker sections. His international contacts will help students to get placement abroad.