In any civilized society, youth is seen as a potential promise of a healthy, better and prosperous tomorrow. Youth is actually a potential powerhouse which if tapped properly can prove to be a great and unmatched asset. Equipping youth for better tomorrow, channelizing their energies and potential for the good of humanity is very important, but equally important is giving them knowledge about their culture, heritage and their glorious legacy of which they are the indispensable part. Acquaintance with the culture, the glorious past and the role as the world leader in art, culture, knowledge is something that needs to be shown to the present day youth in order to translate their energies to reclaim our position as world leader.

Know Art Media intends to hold brief sessions with students in their respective colleges and Universities and have a heartful discussion about our cultural legacy, our role and responsibilities towards world, nature and humankind in general. We need to prepare them to assume the role of world leaders, giving humankind the introduction of our cultural heritage, undying art and reclaiming our position as “.Vishwa Guru”   

The discussions shall be recorded on the documentary film format and we shall explore various options to stream them on proper platforms.