About Us

Art knows no barriers. It transcends all physical, meta- physical, visual and abstract boundaries. Call it the language of universe through which the creator has and still continues to manifest itself in multiple ways. Art is everything and everywhere. The notion that art separates itself from all the rational and physical faculties is a misplaced concept and in multiple ways an ill-conceived concept that deprives art and all the associated faculties of its justified and deserving status. If this status is restored and the amalgamation of art with all the faculties whether physical, philosophical and rational is made possible, one should and must expect the miracles every moment with divine clarity and comprehension.

All the physical sciences and associated phenomena at certain point fail to progress for the want of art and it is exactly where we start appreciating and valuing art and its applicability. Art is a psychological faculty that reinforces the comprehension of all other faculties and scholarships.

We at Know Art believe that everything that exists has an art angle attached to it and it is imperative for a human mind to elevate its comprehension to such a level where everything clearly seems to carry a meaning and utility. The living example of such elevated and diversified comprehension is clearly seen in our great country India which carries thousands of years of this comprehension and clearly lays down the procedure to elevate, sharpen and diversify human mind to such a level where the beauty of art is manifested even in the stone specs laying alongside of the road. India has a culture that dates back to more than 15 thousand years and it has always shown way to the world. The land where mysticism is a norm and a differently creative approach towards nature is embedded in the faith. We have so much to give to the world and we rightfully boast of possessing solutions to most of the problems and issues world is facing now.

At Know Art, it is our never-dying endeavor to show the world that cultural diversity, singularity in plurality and the Art is the solution to most of the problems mankind is confronted with currently and in this endeavor, we need you to be with us to redefine and reinstate the lost glory. Let us dig deep to establish that we are one.